▞ System for Securities Trading

Processing Investment & Custody (PIC)

Comprehensive solution for an investment firm (securities broker or bank) covering all activities associated with securities brokerage from receiving of client orders, through order processing and execution, up to accounting and settlement of trades.


PIC is used to manage client accounts at the Front, Middle and Back office. The system allows to keep multiproduct and multicurrency accounts for recording all transactions and assets regardless of their initial currency. The clients of the broker have an overview of their assets in any available currency. For the needs of Middle Office there is a possibility of the application to be connected to multiple sources of market data.

  • Registration of clients and client account opening.
  • File storage used for scans of client documents.
  • Receiving of client orders (purchase or sale of a security, currency conversion and funds redemption).
  • Acceptance and transfer of money to / from  the client's account.
  • Grouping of the same instructions denominated in the same title.
  • Transmission of the client's order for its execution.
  • Confirmation acceptance of carried out transactions.
  • Accounting of transactions to the client's accounts.
  • Generating of settlement instructions for custodians.
  • Sending of notifications about receipt of the order or any transactions on the client's account via e-mail messages or SMS.
  • Monitoring of the client's portfolio and valuating the assets with market prices.
  • Reports generation, data import and export.

Currently the application supports the following assets (other instruments can be implemented upon request):

  • equities;
  • shares of mutual funds;
  • bonds;
  • foreign currencies.


Flexibility of PIC is ensured using rule-based machine for management of accounting transactions and calculation of fees. The rules can be modified "on the flight" without a necessity to shutdown the system. Thanks to an integated reporting machine there are reports provided both for internal use, market supervisor and clients, with no inadequate application load. Access to individual functionality is provided through user roles that can be easily adapted to the organizational needs of the company. Similarly also end clients of the broker can be granted with access to the system in this way.

PIC is based on web technologies, ALBIQ platform and Java language. It was developed by Factory 4 Solutions using methods of Model Driven Architecture and Model Driven Design. All objects are contained in a single model, from which the application is generated, including front-end, the service layer and the database layer.