Tax Returns via EZU


As of the 28th January 2012, it is possible to submit tax returns to the Slovak Financial Authority (SFA) via the application, Electronic Data Capture (EZU), developed by the experts of F4S. The application is accessible by the taxpayers with a signed agreement with the SFA about electronic delivery and secure a free electronic identifier, which serves as an autentification for signing in to EZU. Therefore it is not required to use a costly authorized digital signature. Tax return might be directly created in EZU by filling in the prepared forms or by submitting a xml file generated by an accounting system. An innovation is a submission of unstructured documents, e.g., appendixes to the tax returns. A confirmation, containing safety features, is given for a valid submission. Another novelty is the possibility to review the history of submitted documents at all times. After the Social Insurance Agency and the complementary pensions insurance company Stabilita D.D.S., a.s. it is the third implementation of mass electronic data capture, realized by F4S.  Contrary to the EZU used in Social Insurance Agency, the system of SFA is based on modified principles and components representing development progress, optimizing performance and accessibility of the application for handling of peek loads in period of the tax returns submissions. As the performance tests have shown, the system is fully equipped to handle loads by mandatory electronic communication with VAT payers, valid from the 1st January 2013.