Portal 4 Processes

Framework  for an effecitve development of process solutions both for intranet and extranet purposes. Implementation and management of business processes is supported with interactions among humans and systems. Products belonging to process automation are adjustable to specific requirements of any business sector, company or individual person.


Modular funcionality: System modularity allows to combine basic (administration of the system and organisation structure) and assistance funcionalities (managerial outputs from the system), which are applicable in every company, with process modules in order to support specific business processes.

Graphical User Interface: All-company portal offers comprendious menu and intuitive controls whereby encourages the emplyees to high productivity. Various  portlets on the screen provide users with a list of their own tasks and co-workers, diverse data views and processing functions, including personal settings.

Process Control Engine: Integrated engine monitors states of processes running in a company so that workflow could be forwarded automatically, from the start of a process up to its termination. The automation by situational models includes event monitoring, task generation and responsibility assignement.

Configurable proceses: Standard BPMN is supported for modelling of processes and their implementation. A specialist designs the required flow and screens for partial process's tasks in a form of graphical diagram and XML file. Deployment in software application afterwards dont need any modification of a source code.